Being well while enjoying decadent chocolate shouldn’t be difficult. 

I found that when it came to chocolate, I was always compromising. I decided to do something about it.

I’m a chocolate lover, who's also passionate about the planet and my family's wellness. After my daughter was born, I’d steal a few new-mom moments for myself when I could— often involving a chocolate treat. I’d grab a square or two for an indulgent boost in the morning, before (trying) to work out, or after my daughter (finally) went to sleep. At the same time, I was rushing to make my daily smoothie, loaded with the powders and adaptogens I needed to keep myself going throughout the day.

So, I thought, why not infuse my beloved chocolate with adaptogens and nootropics, to really make it work for me? Eat Gold Organics was born. Everything we make is inspired by a need; and we can all use a little magic in our lives. 

The purity of our ingredients is the foundation of the brand. Our products are all plant-based, making them more ethical, more sustainable and healthier for me, my family, and the planet.

To create Eat Gold Organics, I sought out experts in alchemy and nutrition, educating myself on adaptogens, nootropics, and ancient wisdom. I’ve worked with renowned herbalists and brought on an award-winning chocolatier to help develop our recipes. 

x brandon