My passion for the earth & food started early.

Brandon Milbradt Eat Gold Organics

Being well while enjoying decadent chocolate shouldn’t be difficult. I found that when it came to chocolate, I was always compromising. I decided to do something about it.

I’m a food lover—more specifically, a chocolate lover. But I’m also passionate about health, wellness, and our planet. 

After my daughter was born two years ago, I’d steal a few moments for myself when I could—often involving chocolate. I’d grab a square or two for an indulgent, energizing boost in the morning, before heading out for yoga, or after my daughter (finally!) went to sleep. At the same time, I was rushing to make my daily smoothie, loaded with the powders and supplements I needed to keep going throughout the day. 

I thought, why not infuse chocolate with adaptogens and nootropics to meld sweet indulgence and health benefits into one? Thus, Eat Gold Organics was born.

To create Eat Gold Organics, I sought out experts in alchemy and nutrition. I educated myself on adaptogens, nootropics, and ancient wisdom. I worked with renowned herbalists to ensure the efficacy of our formulations and brought on an award-winning chocolatier to help develop our recipes. The end result? An assortment of bars that are both functional and flavorful. 

As a vegan, the purity of our ingredients has been my priority from the start. Eat Gold sources cacao from actual producers—not middle men. And for ethical, environmental, and health reasons, we’re 100% plant based.

What was born in my kitchen has evolved into a company I hope to grow for years to come. Everything I make is inspired by a need: we all need to sleep better, build our immunity, laugh more, pump harder, and create magic in our lives. Some of us need to produce more milk and ward off hot flashes! On this journey, I'm continuing to learn, expand my knowledge base, and grow closer to Mother Earth each day.

x brandon