The Secret Source of Happiness

The Secret Source of Happiness

Life is hard.

It’s always that way, and for many it seems especially difficult right now.

Everyone could use a little more happiness. But where does it come from?

From having tons of money? No.

From always getting everything you want? Unrealistic, and nope.

From eating delicious chocolate? Maybe…

But maybe the root of happiness is strength. Maybe its comes from resilience and health, flexibility and growth.

Happiness is something we all want more of, but rather than chasing this vague notion of a feeling, perhaps we should be creating the conditions for happiness to be more available in our lives.

External circumstances will change, and some of them will make you unhappy. But if you have resilience and flexibility, you will be more able to withstand unhappy circumstances—and more fully able to revel in the happy ones.

Overall health and well-being is vital to happiness. There are tons of articles out there that talk about how happiness can improve your health, but this is a two-way street. If you feel tired, run down, or stressed out, you aren’t happy. If you have poor health and chronic pain, it will certainly impact your emotions in a negative way. And feeling bad can make you miss out on opportunities for the fun and social connection that are extremely important to overall happiness.

Our health and well-being is supported by the food with which we nourish our bodies. The nutrients we take in reinforce our brain health, gut health, heart health, skeletomuscular health, and our immune system health. These systems are all linked to happiness:

The neurochemistry in our brains regulates everything from mood and decision-making, which can color and effect every aspect of our lives.

Gut health has been linked intimately to mental health.

Our skeletomuscular systems are a gift that allow us to engage in amazing activities and endless play. Movement is fundamental to happiness.

Our hearts are the seat of our emotions and the center of our circulatory system, which keeps the rest of our organs nourished with a constant supply of blood flow.

Our immune systems protect us from disease, keeping us strong and resilient.

Everything is linked: our bodies and minds are inseparable. So the place to start looking for happiness is easily within your reach: it’s your own body.

Lion’s Mane mushrooms are a powerhouse of support to all these systems that keep us strong, healthy, and happy. The mushroom is used in both culinary and medicinal contexts, and research continues to discover its benefits, which include:

  • brain cell regeneration
  • heart health support
  • protection against ulcers
  • lowering blood sugar
  • cancer-fighting abilities
  • nervous system rejuvenation
  • immune-boosting properties
  • inflammation reduction

On top of all these happy health-supporting benefits, Lion’s Mane’s ability to fight inflammation gives it a more direct weapon against two of the most common mental issues plaguing humanity today: depression and anxiety. Many mental and emotional issues come from physical sources, and inflammation is one suspected source of depression and anxiety.

Lion’s Mane is the main ingredient in our Eat Gold Be Happy bars. Its powerful benefits are combined with those of goji berry—a feel-good superfood berry high in antioxidants—and L-tyrosine, an amino acid that has connections to the neurotransmitters dopamine (which plays a role in feelings of pleasure) and norepinephrine (a stress hormone)—which have both been shown to alleviate depression and anxiety.

Start building a foundation to lasting health and happiness by choosing delicious chocolate with nourishing ingredients!